Fortinet Security Awareness Training Is The Holiday Gift That Keeps On Giving
  • November 28, 2023
  • Author: Allison Bergamo

Forget the holiday fruit cakes and give a gift that your clients can really use. 

6 Ways To Protect Your Clients From Cyber Extortion
  • October 27, 2023
  • Author: Allison Bergamo

Prevention is the best way to thwart cyber extortion attempts. Here are six steps you can take now to minimize your clients’ risk.

Fortinet Universal ZTNA And SASE Summit: The Future Of Hybrid Workforce Security
  • September 5, 2023
  • Author: Allison Bergamo

Join Fortinet cybersecurity experts and Gartner analysts on September 6, 2023, as they demystify zero trust network access and share how you can effectively secure your clients’ hybrid workforces. 

The 2023 Fortinet Zero Trust Report Unlocks Opportunities For Helping Clients With Integration Challenges
  • September 5, 2023
  • Author: Allison Bergamo

Learn how to overcome your customers' roadblocks to deploying successful zero-trust initiatives.  

Why You Should Take Inventory Of Your Client's Email Accounts
  • August 9, 2023
  • Author: Allison Bergamo

More than 80 percent of breaches involving attacks against web applications are due to stolen credentials. Minimize your client's risk by sunsetting their inactive and non-maintained email accounts. 

3 New Tactics Hackers Use to Get Ransomware Payment
  • June 28, 2023
  • Author: Allison Bergamo

Hackers are engineering new tactics to ensure they get bigger ransom payments from their victims. Here are a few to keep on your radar.

Protecting Your Clients From Advanced Persistent Threats In Four Steps
  • April 18, 2023
  • Author: Khali Henderson

Advanced. Persistent. Threat. It just sounds ominous, doesn’t it? Like something you’d hear in a Netflix spy series or read in a mercenary novel.

Overcoming Quality of Experience Hurdles for WFA Employees
  • June 30, 2022
  • Author: Allison Bergamo

Providing a consistent user experience for Work-from-Anywhere (WFA) employees can be a challenge for your clients.

7 Tips To Help Your Customers Spot A Phishing Attempt
  • April 29, 2022
  • Author: Allison Bergamo

As your customers work from multiple locations including the office, home and on the road, it is easier than ever for cybercriminals to trick them into falling for a phishing attempt.

Bolster Work From Anywhere Security With Zero Trust Network Access
  • April 19, 2022
  • Author: Allison Bergamo

Security-conscious companies know that while WFA can boost employee morale and productivity, it can also open new security risks.

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