[Checklist] Key Questions To Ask Before Investing In Another Cybersecurity Solution

Your clients may have “shiny object syndrome” and a knee-jerk response to purchasing the latest security solutions. Fortinet's free checklist can help you guide them into making smart decisions.

  • November 14, 2023 | Author: Allison Bergamo
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Tell us if you’ve experienced this before: A client asks you to assess and evaluate their current security stack to see what they should buy to “fill in the gaps.” Looking at the myriad security tools they have gives you a serious case of heartburn as you realize your client’s security situation looks something like this:

  • Investments were made in “the latest technology innovations.” 
  • Tools were purchased to address changing strategic objectives since no one can agree on a single strategic approach.
  • There is a reluctance to move away from incumbent vendors. 
  • There is an all-in approach to using “best-of-breed” point solutions.

Effective Cybersecurity Doesn’t Have To Be Complicated

Your clients may have “shiny object syndrome” and a knee-jerk response to purchasing the latest security solutions. However, they can’t buy their way into better security. Having a strong security posture requires that trusted advisors and vendors do two things:

  1. They must converge networking and security so protections can dynamically adapt to changes resulting from digital innovation.
  2. They must offer a consolidated cybersecurity platform that provides a full suite of advanced protections, supports an open ecosystem using APIs and common standards and can be deployed universally to consistently protect today’s expanding attack surface.

A smart, integrated security approach requires tools that collect, correlate and share threat intelligence and can facilitate a unified threat response regardless of where they have been deployed. This approach is centered around a cybersecurity platform that allows you to enhance and strengthen your clients’ security posture over time with solutions designed to work together.

10 Questions To Ask Before Making Another Cybersecurity Investment

Fortinet just introduced a handy checklist that provides 10 questions to ask when considering a cybersecurity investment. Download it for free and share it with your customers and prospects to give them a solid understanding of what to ask before investing in another cybersecurity solution including:

  1. Can the solution converge key networking and security functionalities into a single solution to reduce complexity and improve protection?
  2. Is the solution a continuation of a point-product approach or part of a cybersecurity platform approach to consolidate technologies to reduce the number of vendors that must be managed?
  3. Can the new solution integrate with existing solutions from multiple vendors through open APIs and other capabilities?

Put away the antacids and get your copy of this checklist to guide your clients into making smart cybersecurity investment decisions.


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