The Partner Opportunity In Security-Driven Networking

Here are three reasons why you should recommend a security-driven networking strategy to your customers.

  • May 27, 2022 | Author: Allison Bergamo
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Cloud consumption has increased due to remote work environments, 5G networks, and smart systems resulting from digital innovation. Does this mean that your clients are “all in” with the cloud? Far from it. Most organizations are adopting hybrid networks that span multi-cloud environments, on-premises data centers, and multiple edges.

While these networks are designed to accommodate digital acceleration, they also present new challenges including the rapid expansion of the attack surface, changing network configurations, and the need to track data across clouds. These challenges translate into opportunities for you to offer security-driven networking to your customers.

Benefits of Security-Driven Networking
A security-driven networking strategy tightly integrates your customers’ network infrastructure and security architecture, enabling their network to scale and evolve without compromising security. While this approach provides consistent protection and enforcement across expanding network perimeters, it also integrates security within the network itself. The result is that your customers enjoy greater levels of protection while scaling their businesses and implementing digital acceleration.

Need more convincing? Here are three reasons why you should recommend a security-driven networking strategy to your customers.

1. Hybrid IT – Very few, if any, of your customers are cloud-only or only rely solely on a data center. Even if they are cloud-focused, they are probably operating a hybrid network with multiple edges. Offering a security-driven network strategy help their customers address their hybrid IT challenges including effectively securing multiple edges.
2. Flexibility – Flexibility is a key component of security-driven networking. With flexible infrastructures, organizations can quickly adapt to shifts in the IT landscape, allowing them to provide new, transformative services while staying ahead of the competition. Since your customers expect quick and effective solutions, security must match the speed of their networks. Providing security-driven networking to your customers gives them the speed and performance they require without sacrificing security.
3. Performance – While your customers’ networks may be expanding to include multiple edges, they still expect a secure, seamless experience in accessing data, applications, workflows, and more. Because their legacy solutions were designed to secure fixed perimeters and monitor predictable traffic and workflows, they can’t keep up with these rapid changes. Security-driven networking allows you to put security anywhere on any edge, without sacrificing performance.

Adopting and implementing a security-driven networking strategies can help you expand your revenue opportunities and facilitate your customers’ digital initiatives by improving the security, performance, and scalability of their networks.

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