Close The Cybersecurity Hiring Gap With Fortinet’s Cybersecurity Training And NSE Certification Programs

Sixty-eight percent of organizations face additional cyber risks as a result of the cyber skills shortage. Fortinet's free cybersecurity training, on-demand labs and NSE certifications can help reduce their risk.


  • October 5, 2023 | Author: Allison Bergamo
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Did you know that there is another acronym for “CISO” besides “Chief Information Security Officer”? In some industries, “CISO” also stands for "career is so over." The latter definition is what many security leaders think about upon realizing that they don’t have the manpower to secure their environments. 

It’s no surprise that security leaders are struggling to fill an enormous number of vacant full-time positions in cybersecurity. The number of openings is alarming with experts estimating 3.5 to 4.7 million globally.1 While some security leaders may shrug their shoulders and say, “It is what it is,” others will view this shortage as an opportunity to create new pathways for success for their team members. 

The Fortinet 2023 Global Skills Gap Report finds that 68 percent of organizations face additional cyber risks as a result of the cyber skills shortage. Fortinet can help you close the cybersecurity shortage you may be facing with free cybersecurity training, on-demand labs and NSE certifications.

Free Self-Paced Advanced Training for Security Professionals

Smart leaders devote time and energy to retaining and improving the cybersecurity talent they already have in place. Fortinet supports this by offering free, self-paced training for security teams. 

The no-cost curriculum includes courses to support security-driven networking, adaptive cloud security, AI-driven security operations and zero-trust network access. Your security teams can update their skills and be better prepared to defend your clients’ networks against the widest range of evolving threats. 

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On-demand Labs within Self-paced Courses

Interested in expanding your training beyond self-paced courses? Fortinet also has a network of Authorized Training Centers (ATCs) and Fortinet Resellers around the world that provide Fortinet training in a variety of formats, including live virtual instructor-led. 

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Fortinet NSE Certifications

Fortinet’s NSE Certification program will be expanding in October 2023 to include:

  • Five proficiency levels that include 11 certifications
  • One or more certifications for each proficiency level that align with professional career paths
  • New requirements for obtaining a certification like requiring cybersecurity professionals to pass a minimum number of exams or courses
  • Exam badges for each core and elective exam

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Fortinet Education Pathways creates a career map to help your team members navigate through their training. These pathways help individuals align the training they are taking with NICE Cybersecurity Workforce Work Roles. The result is that learners understand how the course they are taking today can enhance their current experience, plan for career advancement or enter the cybersecurity field with a strong knowledge foundation. 

Learn how you can close your cybersecurity talent gaps with Fortinet’s Cybersecurity Training and NSE Certification programs.



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