Fortinet’s 2023 Cybersecurity Skills Gap Report: Boards Of Directors Lack Confidence In Their Organization’s Cyber Defenses

Implementing Fortinet Security Awareness and Training for your clients can help boost their board members' confidence.

  • October 17, 2023 | Author: Allison Bergamo
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Although cybersecurity has long been a priority for executives, it is now also a concern for board members and advisors. Last year, a majority of organizations surveyed by the Fortinet Cybersecurity Skills Gap Global Research Report experienced malware, phishing and password attacks that targeted their users. According to the report, 90 percent of leaders prefer to hire people with technology-focused certifications, up from 81 percent in 2021. And 90 percent of leaders would also pay for an employee to get a cybersecurity certification.

Your clients' employees can either be their greatest defense against constantly evolving security threats or their weakest link. You can help them transform into the former with Fortinet Security Awareness and Training, a SaaS-based service that provides up-to-date and relevant training on the latest cybersecurity threats. This service assists IT, security and compliance leaders in fostering a culture of cyber awareness among employees, allowing them to recognize and avoid becoming targets of cyberattacks. For organizations that require compliance, this service also satisfies regulatory or industry training requirements.

Utilizing the latest threat intelligence from FortiGuard Labs, the service delivers up-to-date training on the latest developments in the threat landscape. It also adheres to the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) guidelines, specifically NIST 800-50 and NIST 800-16, to ensure that all essential topics, such as information security, data privacy, physical security, password protection and internet security are covered.

Fortinet’s security awareness training can be customized to match your brand, complement existing programs or be a standalone offering. The service includes:

  • Engaging and interactive training delivered through a variety of rich media formats
  • Quizzes and knowledge checks throughout training to test employees’ understanding and retention
  • An up-to-date dashboard of campaign and user activity with out-of-the-box reports
  • An intuitive administrative interface for ease of deployment and management

Create a cyber-aware workforce for your clients with Fortinet Security Awareness and Training. Start your trial here.

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