How Fortinet’s AI-Powered Security Operations Can Keep Your Clients Ahead Of Today’s Cyber Threats

Enhance your clients' security postures by leveraging the power of AI and advanced analytics. 

  • December 15, 2023 | Author: Allison Bergamo
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Protecting your clients from evolving cyberattacks is getting harder every day. As they expand their workforces, devices and networks, it’s become even more difficult to monitor, manage and properly protect their environment. Adding to your challenges is the myriad of point solutions they may have adopted and the volume of alerts that cause your team to burn out. It’s no surprise that research from Enterprise Strategy Group found that 52 percent of IT and security professionals report SecOps has become more difficult than it was two years ago.

As cyber criminals increasingly use AI, you must provide your clients with a more sophisticated security platform that is AI-powered, cost-efficient and easy to manage. Fortinet’s AI-driven SecOps Fabric delivers a tightly integrated platform of solutions designed to seamlessly work together, easily integrate with existing solutions and take advantage of the latest AI innovations. Leveraging this fabric empowers you to quickly expand your offerings with analyst-validated, top-tier security and services to your clients.

Fortinet’s SecOps Fabric contains early detection and prevention sensors that apply AI and other analytics to traditional security. For mature enterprises and MSSPs, the platform accelerates investigation and remediation by providing a centralized and correlated view of incidents and the ability to orchestrate and automate established processes with natural language guidance from a generative AI assistant. This enables detection, containment and remediation in as little as an hour for even the most advanced attacks. And for partners looking to resell or augment their own services teams, consider using Fortinet’s managed services. Fortinet’s own expertise and SOC can assist you with pre-packaged services you can quickly resell or use internally to alleviate potential burnout while providing the bandwidth you need to grow your business. 

Register today to learn how Fortinet’s AI-powered SecOps Platform empowers partners of all sizes and maturities to grow their businesses while providing their clients with the most effective and efficient security available today.

You can also download a copy of our exclusive report, “The Quantified Benefits of Fortinet’s Security Operations Solutions” to learn more about Fortinet Security Operations solutions, including effective risk management and greater operational efficiency.

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