Protecting Your Clients’ Hybrid Networks: Why FortiOS 7.2 Matters

  • May 23, 2022 | Author: Allison Bergamo
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As part of their digital acceleration initiatives, your customers may be building hybrid networks that interconnect traditional data centers and campuses with multi-cloud infrastructures, SaaS platforms, branch offices, home offices, mobile users and devices.

However, as their networks evolve, single-purpose security solutions can make it difficult for them to deploy and maintain a strong, comprehensive security posture. Adopting a platform approach that converges security automation with the underlying network can provide greater protection for their hybrid networks and digital acceleration initiatives.

The Fortinet Security Fabric, built on FortiOS, is purpose-built for today’s hybrid networks and expanded edges. It is a converged security networking platform that enables multiple security and networking technologies to work together seamlessly across all your customers’ environments, while protecting them via a single source of unified threat intelligence. This holistic approach eliminates security gaps in the network while accelerating responses to attacks and breaches. Having a single unified operating system that spans the entire Security Fabric provides your customers with the following benefits:

  • Consistent, centralized management and orchestration of security policy and configurations
  • Broad reach and control across the expanded attack surface and at every phase of the attack cycle
  • AI-based threat detection and recommendations
  • Automated, multipronged response to cyberattacks across the attack surface and throughout the attack cycle
  • Improved threat response and reduced risk through enhanced security orchestration, automation and response (SOAR)

FortiOS 7.2 is the latest version of the Fortinet operating system that is at the heart of the Fortinet Security Fabric. It brings all the Security Fabric’s security and networking components together to ensure tight integration while addressing your customers' most complex challenges including:

  • Ineffective security intelligence that can’t keep ahead of automated attacks.
  • Inability to coordinate security across an ever-expanding attack surface and evolving attack cycles that create additional, exploitable security gaps.
  • Silos between networking and security that can heighten risk.
  • Distributed security postures that hinder IT teams’ efforts to deploy effective and consistent detection, prevention and response measures in real-time.

Converging essential network and security functions ensures that security is central to your customers’ dynamic infrastructures. The combination of Fortinet’s Security Fabric and FortiOS 7.2 automatically protects new edges, applications and services so they can focus on their digital acceleration.


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